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Negotiations and strategic business cooperation

In cooperation with DIEU A/S

Using some of the most experienced negotiation trainers and coaches in Denmark, we teach at open programmes and at company in-house programmes.

Typical programme levels are:

  1. General competence development and training of negotiation-techniques
  2. Advanced negotiation-technique including application of efficient psychological negotiation-techniques, intercultural negotiation understanding and price-negotiation models.
  3. In-house courses, where the company’s strategy and business focus are involved in the negotiation-technique programmes.
  4. Strategic business cooperation. When 2 or more companies work closely together concerning development, marketing or other, the negotiations are often carried out at many levels and the efficiency of the negotiation-technique becomes even more important.
  5. Negotiation coaching. Where the company’s negotiators are being equipped for important negotiations.

A number of the largest companies in Denmark participate in the open courses or use us for their in-house programmes.

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